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L. Anthony Gaud

Creative Director and

Creative Business Executive


Negotiated the following: 


  • $700k esports pilot program with Atlantic City

  • Personal and corporate representation with William Morris Agency

  • Growing Up Creepie production with Discovery Kids 

  • Dragon Booster IP development with The Story Hat

  • Kabillion VOD Network launch with Comcast

  • Neosaurs game publishing contract with Microsoft

  • Pluto Attacks publishing contract with NBC/Syfy Network

  • Corporate investment from H2O

  • JV with Moonscoop Group

  • Studio acquisition with the Walt Disney Company

  • Employment contracts with the Walt Disney Company

  • Development and commercialization contract with Rutgers




  • G3 Gaming Group (Atlantic City, NJ)

  • INGAME Esports (Atlantic City, NJ)

  • DAG Entertainment, Digital Assets Group (Atlantic City, NJ)

  • Gaudzilla Studio (Linwood, NJ)

  • Studio-Ex (Seoul, Korea)

  • CMI Productions (Dublin, Ireland)

  • Reelcade (Las Vegas, NV)

  • RTM Technologies (Boston, MA)


Procured Investments:

  • G3 Gaming Group

  • DAG Entertainment 

  • Kabillion On-Demand 

  • Studio-Ex 

Partner Relationship Management


Turbine Games

  • Sega of America

  • Microsoft Gaming Studios


DAG Entertainment

  • Discovery Kids 

  • The Story Hat


Kabillion (Partners)

  • Moonscoop

  • Comcast

  • Mike Young Productions



  • Microsoft Gaming Studios

  • NBC/ SyFy Network


The Walt Disney Company

  • Core Brands

  • Lucasfilm

  • Marvel

  • Kingdom Hearts


Rutgers University

  • School of Criminology



  • National Geographic

  • Scientific Games

  • Ambience Entertainment

  • eMortal

  • Playfab

  • DDM


  • Management (recruit, hire, fire)

  • HR duties (salary, reviews)

  • Training and enrichment programs

  • Payroll


Team Management

  • Internal and outsourced creative

  • Game design / UX

  • International (Asia, Europe, Canada, US)



  • Exec Recruitment (CEO, CTO, COO, Team Leads)

  • Operating and project budgets


  • Salary (raises, bonus structure and taxes)

  • Office (rent, insurance, supplies, utilities)

  • Project (software, game, media)

  • Corporate (departmental, investment, legal)

  • Proposal (scope and milestones)



  • H1B visas

  • Incorporation

  • B2B Litigation

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