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Conference One

Frequently Asked Questions


What is Conference One (CF1)?

CF1 is an esports organization dedicated to growing the collegiate esports ecosystem. Together with our partners and member schools, CF1 strives to elevate collegiate competition and grow the collegiate esports audience. CF1 believes that through innovative technology and an entertainment-driven broadcasting structure, we can accomplish our goals: player-first competition, accelerated collegiate audience growth, increased reach and awareness for member schools, and connecting brands to the collegiate space in new, unique ways.


Is joining CF1 FREE?

Joining Conference One is completely free for the 2020-2021 academic year. 


What are the requirements to sign up for CF1?

In order to compete in CF1 you will need the following:

1) A group of dedicated students at your school who want to play

2) A School Administrator to do some of the paperwork required allow your school and players to compete


For more information check out our ruleset for the in-depth player and school eligibility requirements  


Can Community Colleges play in CF1?


At this time CF1 is not allowing any community or non-four year accredited colleges or universities to join.


My university is in Canada, can we join CF1?

Hello, friends from the North! Absolutely. Sign up through the form on our website to begin the process!


Is a school administrator required to sign up? Why?


School administrators play an important behind the scenes role for every team. Players will need to be verified through a chosen administrator at your school. The staff member will need to be verified through a Conference One league administrator before the team is eligible to play in any games. This staff member must have enough access to verify their player's enrollment status, GPA, and academic standing before play commences on September 28th. If an administrator does not verify the players for their school team, the team will not be eligible to play for the entirety of the 2020 school year.


How many people can sign up for a team?


At most, a team can consist of 12 people. At minimum one team must consist of:

  • 5 Student Players in good academic standing (one designated as team captain)

  • 1 Coordinator (can be a student on the team, a separate student or school staff)

  • 1 Administrator (must be employed by the university to verify player eligibility)

  • Up to 5 Substitutes (optional)


Will there be separate tournaments throughout the year?


Yes! CF1 will host one-off competitions periodically throughout the year. Make sure you keep an eye out for the most up to date information on our official CF1 discord.  


How do I create an account?


Account creation will be available after September 14 until September 24th. All players must create accounts and be verified through their chosen school staff member by September 24th.


You can begin the process now by having your chosen school staff member become verified by entering their information under our register now page.


How do I set up my team?


Teams will be created by the team coordinator through our platform. Until then, make sure you fill out the form on our website for a preliminary meeting to verify your required school administrator.


How do I sign up for the tournament?


If you are a student or school staff member, you can sign up through our form on the website. A CF1 administrator will reach out to you to get you started.


Where do I check what date/time my match is?


On September 24th we will be releasing the full schedule for every team live on stream! You will be able to see what group you are placed in and your schedule.


How does the split system work?


CF1 gameplay is sectioned into two “splits” during the academic school year (September to April). The Fall split is 8 weeks of gameplay, 7 matches, and one bye week and the Spring split is 6 weeks, 5 matches, and one bye week.

At the end of the Fall split, the bottom two teams from each group will be removed from gameplay for the Spring split. The bottom two teams removed from gameplay may also include teams that have forfeited too many games (2).


Will my team be streamed on the CF1 Twitch? 


Yes! Every team is guaranteed a broadcasted match. We will be streaming games Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. Broadcast and match days will be announced for the year with the release of the schedule on September 24th. 


When are games played?


All games will be played Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Matches will start no earlier than 5 PM in your timezone, excluding Hawaii and Alaska.


Is there any exclusivity?

CF1 does not impose exclusivity. You are encouraged to participate in other tournaments throughout the year, but we want you to prioritize CF1. 


Will there be in-person playoffs and finals?


Due to COVID19 restrictions, Conference One is taking a wait-and-see approach to live events. A final determination on live events will be made in December, so stay tuned! 


Are observers allowed during our match?


Due to the current spectating tools available for Valorant, no observers are allowed in-game during a match. It is the duty of the hosting (home) team to make sure there are no observers in-game. This rule will change when Valorant receives an update to the observing tools.

If you would like to stream your game, it must be from a first-person POV.


What is the Good Works Program?


A leaderboard for doing community service, each hour a player participates in any community service goes to a Good Works score and scholarship prizing will be given out at the end of the year based on that leaderboard. Even if you don’t make it to the Spring split, you can still participate in the Good Works program.


More Questions?

Please contact for more information or reach out to Head of League Operations Scott on Discord: Scottyy#6787

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