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Conference One

Player Rules and Eligibility


I. Administrator Player Verification Guidelines

  1. Player must be enrolled in classes full time

    1. Graduate students are eligible if they are full time students

  2. Player is 18 years or older

  3. Player is in good academic standing OR current overall GPA is 2.5+

  4. Player is a resident of the United States or Canada


II. School Eligibility

  1. Teams must have program oversight from an administrator at the school

    1. Club advisor, dean, teacher, esports director or coach

  2. Teams must have a signed media waiver form for school logo usage

  3. Teams must have at minimum 5 players from an accredited university or college

    1. Teams may consist of members from multiple campuses with prior approval


III. General Eligibility

  1. Player must sign a media waiver form allowing their image to be used

  2. Player must sign the Code of Conduct Form

  3. Player must have an approved Riot Games account

    1. Offensive or controversial names will not be allowed

  4. Player must use their highest-rated account for CF1 gameplay

Team Requirements

  1. Team must be comprised of at least:

    • 5 Students

    • 1 Coordinator

    • 1 School Administrator

    • 5 Substitutes (optional)

  2. Team Coordinator can be a full-time student, coach or school administrator

  3. Team Administrator is a school official that oversees Conference One esports operations

  4. Team Substitutes must be registered on the roster at least 7 days before they are eligible to play

Gameplay Rules

  1. All teams will be broken down into 4 regions based on location, randomly

  2. New agents will be locked from play for one week after their release on live servers

  3. CF1 officials are the only observers allowed in games

  4. Teams will be designated home and away for each match they participate in

  5. Matches have a predetermined time and date throughout the regular season

    1. League structure is Round-Robin format

  6. One reschedule is allowed per match, forfeiture rules apply to the new time and date after both teams agree on a reschedule and confirm with league officials

  7. Only two forfeits are allowed during the year before teams forfeit their spot in Conference One

  8. Matches must be reported on the Conference One website 24 within 24 hours after gameplay concludes

  9. Coordinators and team captains should save replays and screenshots of all interactions with opposing teams, including match results

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