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Conference One

Valorant Rules

This competition is not affiliated with or sponsored by Riot Games, Inc. or VALORANT Esports. 

Player Eligibility


  1. Participating collegiate player(s) must fall under ALL of the listed criteria(s) to compete during CF1’s Collegiate Valorant tournament.
    1. Players must be enrolled in classes full time at an accredited college or university. Graduate students are also eligible to participate as long as they also meet the university’s credit requirements for each semester.

    2. Each player must maintain good academic standing at their college or university. If a player does not meet their schools academic requirements, they will be deemed ineligible for CF1 league play. Players must be verified eligible to participate by their appointed administrator contact.

    3. Each player must be a minimum age of 18 years old. Players must be verified eligible to participate by their appointed administrator contact.

  2. In order to be eligible to play in CF1, students must have residency or proof of enrollment in either the U.S. or Canada. Players must be verified eligible to participate by their appointed administrator contact.

  3. In order to be approved for CF1 name usage and photographs, all players must sign a Media Release Form that confirms players name and likeness will be used solely for the promotion and broadcast of CF1 competition. 

  4. All players must sign a Code of Conduct Form which states that they will comply with all CF1 rules. Any infractions will result in possible suspensions, penalties, or bans from the Conference.  

  5. All players must have an approved Riot Games account in order to participate in CF1. Account suspensions or bans may lead to eligibility complications

  6. Offensive or controversial usernames and gamertags will not be allowed. Failure to comply with the CF1 gamertag rules will result in ineligibility until the name request change is implemented.  

  7. Any exception requests should be made to CF1 officials before the player participates in a match. Players will automatically be deemed ineligible otherwise.

    1. Exceptions can include:

      • Graduating seniors

      • School transfer students 

  8. Players must use their highest-ranked account during sign-up to avoid smurfing accusations and repercussions. 


School Eligibility


  1. Participating collegiate team(s) must fall under ALL of the listed criteria(s) to compete during CF1’s Fall 2020 - Spring 2021 Valorant tournament.
  2. Participating schools are required to have program oversight from an administrator at their college or university.

  3. Each coordinator is responsible for submitting their administrator’s information:

    • First and Last Name

    • Work Email Address 

    • Work Phone Number

    • Title

  4. Coordinators will also be responsible for giving player information to their administrators. Administrators will be asked to verify:

    • Player age 

    • Academic standing

    • Enrollment Status

    • Logo usage 

  5. Participating school teams must be authorized to use their school logo or esports team logo. Proper logo usage authorization must be received in writing from the school administrator through a Logo Waiver form from CF1 officials.

  6. Each team is required to have at least 5 students from one accredited university with a physical address. Students enrolled in 4 year degree programs are eligible to participate.

  7. Schools with multiple campuses under the same institution may create one viable team to participate if one campus cannot field a full team. CF1 officials will require documentation and a written explanation from the administrator if this needs to happen for any particular team.

  8. Participating collegiate team(s) must use one of the following formats while submitting their team name to compete in CF1’s Valorant Tournament(s).  Example(s):

    • University of California, Irvine

    • UC Irvine

    • UCI

    • UCI [Team Name]

  9. Any collegiate player(s) or collegiate team(s) found violating any rule(s) under Player & Team Eligibility will be disqualified from CF1 Tournaments for the rest of the school year.

  10. Team name(s) may be adjusted for media purposes without prior notice.

  11. CF1 reserves the right to ask for any additional information from collegiate player(s) or collegiate team(s) to verify their eligibility to attend CF1 Valorant Tournament(s), collegiate player(s) or collegiate team(s) fail to perform tasks may be removed.


Team Requirements


  1. Each team must be composed of at least 5 Students, 1 Coordinator, and 1 Administrator (Coordinator and the Administrator can be the same person) from one accredited university with a physical address.
    1. 5 Student Players (one team captain)

    2. 1 Coordinator

    3. 1 Administrator

    4. Up to 5 Substitutes (optional)

  2. Players must be designated as a full-time student at an accredited college or university, playing on one team. They are responsible for showing up to their allotted time each week to play. 

  3. The Team Captain is one player per team that will be directly communicating with their coordinator and responsible for all in-game communications with the opposing team and CF1 broadcast staff.

  4. Each school must designate a Coordinator for the season. The Coordinator can be a full-time student, coach, or school administrator. Some coordinator responsibilities include:

    1. Organizing and submitting their team's information

    2. Roster submissions and changes

    3. Point of contact for CF1 officials

    4. Rescheduling with opposing teams during regular season gameplay

    5. Facilitating easy contact with their school Administrator and CF1 officials

  5. An Administrator is designated as a school official that oversees the esports team. They are responsible for confirming all players participating on their schools team are eligible. The Administrator must be able to confirm player eligibility, confirm school or esports logo usage, and communicate with CF1 Officials.

  6. Registered Substitutes may be used if a player from the main roster cannot make it to their match. There is a maximum of 5 registered substitute players per team. Substitutes must be registered at least 7 days prior to the game they play.

  7. There is a one-week roster lock period for any new players added to a school roster. During regular season gameplay, all roster changes must be submitted a week prior to gameplay and verified by a CF1 official before any recently added players participate in a game. Rosters are fully locked after regular season gameplay.

  8. A roster is defined as the 5 players, 5 optional Substitutes, and 1 Coordinator on one team.


Tournament Format


  1. Gameplay is played in Valorant North America server.
  2. Up to 128 teams can participate in the US/Canada and will be broken down into 4 regions,(North, South, East, West), and each region will contain 32 teams.

    • Each region will be broken down into 4 groups, containing 8 teams per group.

    • Bottom 2 teams from each group (8 teams per region) will be removed after the fall split.

    • The tournament will be a double round-robin style bracket, designated as a “Fall split” and “Spring Split”.

  3. Team format:

    • 5 Collegiate Players as Main Roster

    • A team captain must be signified in the event a coordinator is not a player

    • 5 Collegiate Players as Substitute Players

    • 1 Coordinator that may be a Player or Full-Time Staff Member from the university


*CF1 reserves the right to change the Tournament Format with prior notice.


Tournament Rules


  1. General Rules
    1. The hosting team will create the lobby and add/invite the opposing team's captain/coordinator using their Riot ID and Tag Number. Users Riot ID and Tag Numbers can be found on the match details page. 

    2. Once all players participating in the match are in the lobby and everyone is on the correct teams, the host of the lobby can start the game after confirming with the opposing team captain/coordinator that both teams are ready to begin.

    3. Once the match is complete, teams will report the outcome on their match details page.

    4. All matches are a best of 3 games.

  2. Host

    1. The host of the match will be displayed in the match details page, designated with a home and away team. Home team is considered the host of the match and must invite the opposing team's captain/coordinator, who will then invite the rest of their team.

    2. Teams will be designated as home and away for each match they participate in. Team captains/coordinators are responsible for communicating for their team.

      1. Home Team - Ban 1 Map

      2. Away Team - Picks Map 1

      3. Home Team - Map 1 Side Selection

      4. Home Team - Picks Map 2

      5. Away Seed - Side Selection of Map 2

  3. Side Selection for last map - Coin Flip in Discord channel (home team captain/coordinator does !flip in #coin-flip channel)

  4. Lobby Settings

    1. Map: Displayed in match details page

    2. Mode: Standard

  5. Servers:

    1. East will play on N. Virginia 1

    2. West will play on US WEST (Oregon 1)

    3. North will play on US CENTRAL (Illinois)

    4. South will play onUS CENTRAL (Texas)

    5. Allow Cheats: Off

    6. Tournament Mode: On

    7. Overtime: Win By Two: On

    8. Blood: Off

    9. Body Corpse: Off

  6. In the game(s) that an incorrect ruleset is loaded in the match, the match should be stopped and reset. Previously played rounds with the incorrect format will not count towards the match outcome.

  7. Agent Selection(s)

    1. All agents are allowed to be used for all matches.

    2. Agents that are disabled from the professional play will also be disabled from CF1 Valorant gameplay.

    3. New agents or agents that have been significantly reworked will be unusable for one week after the changes are up on live servers. This will be announced on the official CF1 Discord.

  8. Observers

    1. No observers are allowed in the custom lobby. Only verified observers(s) by the tournament admin are allowed to stream the match on the official CF1 streaming platform(s).

    2. The hosting team (home team) will be held accountable for any unverified observers in the match.

    3. Any updates made by Riot regarding the observing client may change the observer rules.

  9. Match Pause

    1. Match pause is allowed up to 2 times per match and 3 minutes per pause.

    2. Match pauses may only be for the following reasons:

  10. Player disconnect

    1. Technical issues

  11. Need Administrator support​​

    1. Match pauses may not be called during combat, once the Spike has been planted, and during defuse of the Spike.

    2. Player’s may not move around the map or perform any ingame actions when the pause is in effect.

    3. Once both teams are ready, the team who paused the match will unpause it and return to normal gameplay.

    4. The team calling a pause must first call the pause in chat.




    1. CF1 Featured Broadcast

      1. Teams should anticipate being broadcast at CF1’s streaming channel at least one time during the Fall split and up to 5 times throughout both splits depending on how far they get. Broadcast and match days will be announced at 9/24/2020.

    2. Collegiate Player(s)/Team(s) Broadcast

      1. Collegiate Player(s)/Team(s) are allowed to broadcast their own matches on their own streams, but must have the following settings.

        1. POV streams only (first-person) 

        2. Stream Delay: 2 minutes

        3. Include CF1 Logo on top right corner of stream overlay

        4. Stream Title “CF1 Collegiate Valorant Tournament [School Name] vs. [School Name]

    3. CF1 broadcast matches may not be co-broadcast by players participating in a scheduled broadcast match. CF1 openly extends these broadcasting rights to all colleges, universities, college or university esports programs, college or university clubs and collegiate players.

      1. CF1 will revise the observer and broadcasting rulesets when Riot releases an updated observer client.

Disputes / No Show


    1. In the event of a dispute, please submit the necessary proof to the appropriate support team. This includes screenshots, video, and audio if necessary.

    2. Teams that do not show up after 15 minutes to the match start time will forfeit the match. 

    3. Players will have up to 5 minutes between games in a match.

    4. If your opposing team is not ready within the 15 minute timeframe, you must click “No Show”  in your match details page. 

      1. After reporting your opponent as a No Show, a CF1 tournament organizer will be notified.

      2. Once the tournament organizer has been notified, the tournament organizer will then contact your opponents to verify their absence.

    5. Teams are allowed up to 2 forfeits during the season. After their second forfeit, CF1 will remove the team from the league unless given a satisfactory written explanation.




    1. Matches have a predetermined time and date throughout the regular season and playoffs. Matches must be played at the corresponding time unless both teams agree to a reschedule. The rescheduled match must be played at least one day prior to their next scheduled match.

    2. A team can only request 3 reschedules throughout the both fall and spring splits.

      1. Coordinators must reach out at least 1 week prior to reschedule a match.

      2. If the opposing Coordinator does not agree to a reschedule, the asking team will receive a forfeit if they cannot play at the predetermined date and time.

    3. Any reschedule request made less than 1 week prior to the scheduled match time will not be allowed unless an Tournament Administrator approves.

    4. If a match is rescheduled, both coordinators must screenshot their discussion and email to confirm the new date and time. You can also contact a CF1 official on Discord with all the relevant information.

    5. Matches that are being broadcast on the CF1 Twitch page cannot be rescheduled.

    6. Playoff games cannot be rescheduled.

    7. Matches cannot be rescheduled more than once. Once a match is rescheduled and confirmed by CF1 officials, forfeiture rules will apply to the new date and time.

    8. Any rescheduling inquires, you can email for more information.


Disconnection and Lag


    1. If any disconnects occur you must play out the match in full.

      1. Players can rejoin the game if disconnected.

    2. If any lag occurs in a match you must play out the match in full.

      1. If both teams are experiencing heavy lag, both teams must agree to recreate the game lobby prior to round 3 of the game.

    3. Game server issues are the only way a match would be replayed.


Cheating & Glitch Abuse


    1. Players are strictly prohibited from cheating at all times. Examples of cheating include, but are not limited to:

      1. Smurfing or account sharing are both subject to immediate disqualification and will not be able to participate in future matches for 1 year.

      2. Any game cheats or modified software are not allowed during gameplay, such as aim-bot, wall hacks, and etc.

      3. Teams caught cheating, glitching, or abusing in-game mechanics(including using game exploits) in any way, will forfeit the map, match or be banned from CF1 Valorant Tournament(s).

      4. Any attempt to change the outcome of a game outside of how it is intended to be played.

      5. Any attempt to interfere with another player's connection to the game or other required services.

      6. Interfering with CF1 operations in any way

      7. Attempting to spectate a match without permission from CF1.

      8. Any form of collusion, including throwing matches.

      9. Stream-sniping.

      10. If a player is unsure whether a certain action is cheating, they should ask CF1 officials beforehand.

    2. Any player or team caught using cheats will result in immediate disqualification and will not be allowed to participate in future matches for 1 year.


Match Reporting


    1. Match results must be reported on the CF1 website by the winning team within 24 hours after gameplay concludes. 

    2. Unreported or unfinished regular season or playoff matches will result in a loss for both teams.  

    3. Coordinators and team captains should save replays and screenshots of all interactions with other teams. Any disputes without evidence will be rejected.

    4. For wins to be considered valid, it must include the full scoreboard with in game user IDs and all applicable game information.

    5. Proof can be acquired by recording the ending of the match OR navigating to your "CAREER"  at the top of your client. Match History > Select the match > Scoreboard.

    6. Conversations outside of CF1 may not be considered valid proof; this includes, but is not limited to: Twitter conversations, PMs, Skype, Discord etc... This means messages are NOT a form of valid win confirmation.

    7. Players are forbidden to send in incorrect results or scores that have been tampered with. This is in direct violation of both the rules and the sportsmanship guidelines. Penalties will be given out for these types of infractions, and further punishments will be placed if the same team or player is found doing it again.  

    8. A report button is located in your match details pages. Failing to report multiple matches will result in a temporary ban. A team reporting early is not a forfeitable offense if you report a win incorrectly early and lose please accept your loss, failure to report a loss can result in a ban.




    1. Interactions between teams must maintain sportsmanlike behavior; in-game interactions should be limited to the start and end of each map. CF1 staff will have the final say regarding what may be deemed an inappropriate interaction. Non-permissible communications are outlined below: 

      1. Profanity and Hate Speech. A Team Member may not use language that is obscene, foul, vulgar, insulting, threatening, abusive, libelous, slanderous, defamatory or otherwise offensive or objectionable; or promote or incite hatred or discriminatory conduct.

      2. Abusive Behavior. Abuse of League Officials, opposing Team Members, or audience members will not be tolerated. Repeated etiquette violations, including but not limited to touching another Player’s computer, body or property will result in penalties. Team Members and their guests (if any) must treat all individuals attending a Match with respect.

      3. Harassment. Harassment is forbidden. Harassment is defined as systematic, hostile and repeated acts taking place over a considerable period of time, or a singular egregious instance, which is/are intended to isolate or ostracize a person and/or affect the dignity of the person.

      4. Sexual Harassment. Sexual harassment is forbidden. Sexual harassment is defined as unwelcome sexual advances. The assessment is based on whether a reasonable person would regard the conduct as undesirable or offensive. There is zero tolerance for any sexual threats/coercion or the promise of advantages in exchange for sexual favors.

      5. Discrimination and Denigration. Team Members may not offend the dignity or integrity of a country, private person or group of people through contemptuous, discriminatory or denigrating words or actions on account of race, skin color, ethnic, national or social origin, gender, language, religion, political opinion or any other opinion, financial status, birth or any other status, sexual orientation or any other reason.

      6. Statements Regarding CF1. Team Members may not give, make, issue, authorize or endorse any statement or action having, or designed to have, an effect prejudicial or detrimental to the best interest of CF1, as determined in the sole and absolute discretion of CF1 Tournaments.

    2. All communication and competition between opposing teams is to be carried out with sportsmanship and professionalism. Any breaches in these requirements will result in a staff investigation as well as potential suspensions and penalties.  

      1. Inappropriate interactions with other teams outside of gameplay but related to CF1 will also incur penalties for the player or team. 

      2. These interactions should be recorded and sent to CF1 officials the same way you would report an in-game interaction.

    3. If the opposing team breaks these rules in a non-broadcast game, it is the responsibility of the team captain/coordinator and players to record and screenshot the necessary evidence. The team coordinator will then submit an official complaint to CF1 officials.


Need More Help?

If you have any comments, questions, or concerns about the CF1 Valorant Tournament, feel free to join our Discord server or email us at CF1 is more than happy to assist you for any inquiries. Good luck and have fun!


* This is a living document, CF1 reserves the right to change any sections in the Valorant Tournament Guidelines/Ruleset anytime and will do so with prior notice.

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