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Building the Next Generation of iGaming

Online casinos and sports betting revolutionized gambling, attracting countless new players. The next frontier is regulated money video games (RMVG), promising a massive influx of gamers. However, casinos and developers face complex regulations, mobile-native tech limitations, and online latency challenges in accessing this market.

Enter G3 — the first company to navigate the complex regulations of this innovative market, opening doors for gamers, casinos, and developers. Our experienced team has created a fully compliant solution that meets the strict standards of the NJDGE and GLI."

Level up and join the gaming revolution today!


G3 is led by a team of seasoned industry executives with decades of experience developing, operating and publishing AAA video games and media outlets.

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Regulated Video Game Publishing

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Regulated Video Game Wagering Technology

Video Game

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G3 is the first company to offer regulated mobile video games with immersive 3D graphics, low latency, and massive multiplayer gameplay. Our proprietary technology ensures full compliance with strict iGaming regulations. 

G3 collaborates with game developers to ensure all video games  are fully compliant with regulations and ready for players. Through in-house development, partnerships, and IP acquisition, G3 offers a diverse portfolio of game genres and experiences catering to users' varied preferences.

G3 has curated a portfolio of media assets engaging millions of gamers monthly through written and video content. Leverage our unique content coverage and marketing opportunities to tap into a vast pool of potential users and expand your reach in the gaming community.

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