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L. Anthony Gaud

Creative Director and

Creative Business Executive

"Disney Interactive acquired Anthony’s studio primarily on the strength of Anthony's creative abilities which proved themselves with him working closely with the Kingdom Hearts, Marvel and Lucasfilm teams to define unique and exciting directions those brands could be represented internationally and on mobile platforms. Working with Anthony was extremely exciting and I look forward to working with him again!" 

John Pleasants


Disney Interactive

• Emmy-Award winning creative director, interactive and media entrepreneur.

• Two decades of creating for millennials in the media, mobile, AR/VR, location-based gaming and toy product fields.

• Proven innovator in creative vision, marketing, strategy and ideation.

• Strong leader and organizer of teams across Europe, Asia and North America.

• Co-founder of 5 media and interactive companies

"Anthony arrived at PlayFab in the summer of 2001 to help save Escape Factory, like the Wolf straight out of Pulp Fiction. We had landed a make-or-break proof-of-concept contract with Sierra Online, but we had no art team and desperately needed help. Anthony was a total pro... He swept in and took control. And in the end, we landed the deal. I'd work together with him again in a heartbeat."
James Gwertzman,
CEO and Co-Founder of PlayFab
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