L. Anthony Gaud

Creative Director and

Creative Business Executive

• Emmy-Award winning creative director, interactive and media entrepreneur.

• Two decades of creating for millennials in the media, mobile, AR/VR, location-based gaming and toy product fields.

• Proven innovator in creative vision, marketing, strategy and ideation.

• Strong leader and organizer of teams across Europe, Asia and North America.

• Co-founder of 5 media and interactive companies

"Anthony arrived at PlayFab in the summer of 2001 to help save Escape Factory, like the Wolf straight out of Pulp Fiction. We had landed a make-or-break proof-of-concept contract with Sierra Online, but we had no art team and desperately needed help. Anthony was a total pro... He swept in and took control. And in the end, we landed the deal. I'd work together with him again in a heartbeat."
James Gwertzman,
CEO and Co-Founder of PlayFab