CF1 Fall 2020 Tournament Recap


Last weekend, Conference 1 held their annual Collegiate Fall Valorant tournament. Although the collegiate Valorant scene is rather new, and few of the many leagues support the title, Conference 1 has made it their priority to become the leader in Valorant competition. The finals of the tournament featured a high quality production from Mainline Esports, and two world-class casters in Paulsible and Door_Casts.

16 teams from around North America competed for the championship on December 13th. In the two semifinal matches, the Rutgers University Scarlet Knights took home the 2-0 win over a skilled University of Waterloo Gold team. On the other side of the bracket, Western University esports bowed out of the tournament after a loss to the Oregon State University Valorant team.

The finals were set up to be a contested matchup between Oregon State and Rutgers with the winner taking home $2,000, and the loser $1,000. Oregon State ended up winning the tournament with a 2-0 win over Rutgers. Despite securing the title, and in Rutgers case the prize pool, both teams have already begun preparing for competition in the Spring semester.

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